Chhota Mangwa is an idyllic destination in the lap of the Darjeeling Himalayas – an obscure and exotic location where you can spend the weekend without your day to day stress and tension. The village is still not electrified, but electricity generated from solar power is available.It is a place where you will find birds and butterflies more than concrete and vehicles. It is an ideal destination for people looking for some respite from the bustle of town. Chota Mangwa is one and half hours drive from Darjeeling and can also be reached via Teesta bazar from NJP/Bagdogra.

Chhota Mangwa is such a place that can transport you to the dreamland. Starting from the eco cottages to enjoying the first rays of the sun the Kanchenjungha peaks, everything is majestic here. Vehicles are hardly found here. So the peace which you have been looking for is just there for you. Those who have love and respect for the nature and wilderness, the mountains, the forests, its flora and fauna, ChottaMangwais the ideal destination for them.

The entire region falls under the Senchal Wildlife sanctuary and falls on a ridge at the Mangwa hills. ChhotaMangwa is an eco friendly village with extremely warm and gracious hosts who will always make you feel at home.

Experiences at Chhota Mangwa:

  1. Experience the heavenly views of the sunrise as the first ray of sun kisses the peaks of the Kanchenjungha range.
  2. Sit in top of the Mangwa hills to see the gurgling Teestariver flowing down with all its force.
  3. Visit the nearby orchid centre.
  4. The famous Rongliot Tea gardens are nearby and can be easily visited from here.
  5. Take a nature walk through the mountain forests and the ornge are even allowed to pick up the oranges that have fallen down from the trees.
  6. Simply enjoy the serene atmosphere and nature at her best at ChhotaMangwa.
  7. Try river rafting at the Teestariver. Can be arranged by the homestay.

Places to roam about:

  1. Visit Takdah, another eco village on the lap of Himalayas. The Tibetan Medical Centre at Takdahand theRongliRongliot tea gardens are quite well known.
  2. Talking: A short walk will take you to the nearby Takling village. There is an age old monastery at Takling.
  3. Lopchu: another small village near ChhotaMangwa. There is an orange juice manufacturingcentre at Lopchu. You can visit the place and have a first hand experience to see how the juice is produced.
  4. Bara Mangwa: it is only 12 km from ChhotaMangwa, another idyllic destination to spend your weekends.
  5. Tinchuleyand Kalimpong are also within short driving distances.

Best Time to Visit:

ChhotaMangwa can be visited throughout the year. But if you want to view fully blossomed orange orchards, then October to February is the time to visit. Monsoons areconsidered off-season.

How to reach Chhota Mangwa:

ChotaMangwa can be reached from Siliguri via Teesta Bazar and from Darjeeling, Mirik and Kurseong via Jorebungalow.

Distance from Darjeeling is about 35 km by road and it takes about 1.5 hours.

From Siliguri, the distance is around 70 km and takes around 3 hrs. The road goes through Teesta Bazar and Sevoke. From Teesta Bazar, the climb starts to Bara Mangwa and from there, a diversion from the main road takes to Chhota Mangwa. The main road goes to Tinchuley and Takdah.

Chhota Mangwa can be reached only by four-wheel vehicles because of the road conditions.



Choota Mangwa

Choota Mangwa