Rangaroon is a sleepy hamlet among the clouds only about 16 km from Darjeeling. The place is one of the hidden gems of North Bengal. Surrounded on three sides by the forests and its western side has Aloobari, Fulbari and Pandam Tea Estate with the Rungdung river taking a turn. In fact, the name “Rangaroon” has its origin in the Lepcha language and means ‘turning of the river’.Situated just at the foothills of the Tiger Hill, Rangaroon has the best weather for tea gardens. Rangaroon Tea Estate has the best tea gardens in the Darjeeling area. Rangaroon tea was highly famed even during the early British era.

Rangaroon is also known as a site for adventure travel apart from the scenic beauty it offers to the travellers. The village is a delight to the senses. The place is not only beautiful but also extremely clean. The villagers are serious about cleanliness and are quite aware of organic farming.

Adventure, wildlife, tea gardens and soothing atmosphere –Rangaroon has them all. The place is thus a perfect destination for adventure, wildlife and the tourists who just want to spend a few days away from the busy city life. Tourists and travel enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the activities that this Himalayan hamlet can offer. And the best part is that you can see the Darjeeling city and the Kanchanjunga ranges all together!

Experiences at Rangaroon:

  1. Take a village walk along the scenic landscapes and experience the rural life here. Enjoy the nature and hear the chirping birds. You will be amazed to see how the villagers put in efforts to keep the village clean and green.
  2. Take a stroll along the vast luscious green tea gardens of Rangaroon.
  3. There is an abandoned tea factory at this place that was built around the British time and having large tea processing equipment. The factory has been closed down due to the larger cost of production. The tea processing has been shifted to other factories near Darjeeling. The Ambootia Group currently owns the tea factory and the tea gardens.
  4. There are several trek routes here. You can trek to the Tiger Hill and view the magnificent sunrise.
  5. There is a downhill trek to the Rungdung The place is beautiful for a late afternoon picnic.
  6. Mata Singha temple is quite an important place in the village. During Baisakhi Purnima, the villagers, as well as people from nearby villages, come to this temple to offer prayers. The temple is a short uphill hike from Rangaroon.
  7. Enjoy nature at her peaceful best. Stay at the homestay and experience the hospitality of the villagers and unwind yourself. Take some wonderful snaps of the virgin surroundings and create a memory of a lifetime.

Places to roam around:

Darjeeling: Darjeeling is only 16 km from Rangaroon.

Best time to visit Rangaroon:

You can visit Rangaroon any time of the year. Winters are usually quite chilly.

How to reach Rangaroon:

It is about 16 km from Darjeeling town. From Siliguri, drive till Jorebungalow (60 Km from Siliguri) and then take a turn to reach the 3rd mile. From 3rd mile, there is a route downhill to Rangaroon. The place is about 8 km from Jorebungalow.